Gardena stickers

Discover our high-quality Gardena stickers inspired by the Formula 1 Racing teams of the 2024 season. With these Gardena stickers you give your Gardena robotic lawnmower a unique and flashy look.

Upgrade your Gardena Sileno to Max Verstappen's iconic RB20. With the unmistakable colors of the Red Bull Racing team and of course the current sponsor logos. The Gardena stickers of the different teams contain the rider numbers of both riders. So you choose your favorite yourself. And the optional spoiler makes your Gardena Sileno complete.

Are you a Formula 1 fan and do you have a Gardena Sileno? Then put your robot lawn mower in pole position in your garden from now on.

Gardena stickers are available for all Formula 1 teams. Choose your favorite F1 team and order your F1 Gardena sticker today.

Application is a piece of cake

Make your F1 robot mower stand out with these easy installation instructions!

• Clean and degrease the surface.
• Place the sticker one by one in the right place and press them firmly.
• Smooth out the air bubbles from the center with a cloth or squeegee.
• Stick the sponsor sticker on the spoiler, remove the double-sided tape and mount the spoiler on the back of the mower.