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Williams Racing F1 2023 stickers / decals

Williams Racing F1 2023 stickers / decals

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Transform your Automower into a Formula 1-inspired design with the Williams Racing F1 2023 decal set. Bring out the inner F1 driver in you! Choose Alexander Albon or Logan Sergeant's style and add the finishing touch with our spoiler upgrade. Rest assured, your garden mowing game will never be the same. 

And a Formula 1 lawnmower is not complete without a spoiler. So complete your racing robot lawn mower with our very cool and funny spoiler. You will find the corresponding team sponsor logo on the sticker sheet.

Delivery in 2 to 7 working days, depends on availability and location. Use our chat to ask for specific delivery times.

F1 stickers for Husqvarna and Gardena robomowers

Choose your Husqvarna or Gardena model below and order today! 

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Product features

UV Print Quality:
Vibrant and long-lasting colors are guaranteed by our high-quality UV printing technology.

Weather resistance:
Our stickers are made from materials that are resistant to sun, rain and frost, which ensures durability against various weather influences and guarantees long-term use.

Easy to remove:
Do you want to remove the stickers? No problem. Even after several years, the stickers can be removed easily and invisibly.

Compliant with European standards:
We use the highest quality materials that comply with European production standards.

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Application is a piece of cake

Make your F1 robot mower stand out with these easy installation instructions!

• Clean and degrease the surface.

• Place the sticker one by one in the right place and press them firmly.

• Smooth out the air bubbles from the center with a cloth or squeegee.

• Stick the sponsor sticker on the spoiler, remove the double-sided tape and mount the spoiler on the back of the mower.